Monday, January 16, 2012

Minecraft Monday : ep. 1 an abandoned island

SO i probably should explain what minecraft is. Minecraft is a indie game based around exploring, building, and survival. I have wasted around a hundred or so hours on it and it is a very addicting game. to learn more visit and look around. this series will be a series of posts telling a first person story of what happens in the game.

I wake up, and as i look around i see nothing but endless forest. Not a single human or animal is to be found. I walk over to a tree and begin to repeatedly punch it until suddenly a part of it pops off. I jump backwards expecting it to fall on me but strangely enough it remains floating there. I hear the sound of oinks in the distance. I decide to go investigate. I find a pig and im getting hungry so i lay the smack down on the pig and it dissapears and all that is left are two raw pork chops. i eat them and advance on collecting wood as i go and i build a quick make shift hut. its not much but its home. the sun begins to set so i head inside. i hear strange noises outside. and out of nowhere there is a flash of green outside my window, what could it be?

Stay tuned to find out what happens next