Sunday, February 19, 2012

Movie of my life

So my dad over at did a post like this and well mine has new actors but I'll use the same nicknames
First of is me aka Morgan aka shaggy. So I think I would be played by Skander Keynes. He is the guy who plays Edmund in the chronicles of narnia.
Next up is my dad aka Mr.Mynd ( he will be played by Kurtwood Smith. Due to the fact of he is the one who doesn't care what u think and will have u do what he wants any way.
Next is my mom aka Mrs.Mynd. She will be played by Challen Cates who plays the mom on big time rush. Mainly due to her being everywhere at once being able to help u through anything.
After that comes my older brother aka teen wolf. He will be played by Topher Grace who plays Eric Foreman in that seventies show. Due to him being a dorky guy who works with his dad and has the occasional witty remark.
And lastly is my little sister aka princess sassy pants. She will be portrayed by Ciara Bravo because she's that silly little girl that you see everywhere.
So that's the movie of my life and here are pictures of all the actors:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clay noodles and feathers

Sounds like some nasty soup correct? Well it's actually a summary of my week. Clay due to art class, noodles because I ate tons of ramen, and feathers because the new twilight movie (don't judge).
So without spoiling anything all I can say about the new movie is feathers.
Ramen noodles is the staple of life for about everyone age 12 to 25. It's delicious so it's all good. And a tip is cook it an extra minute and pour the flavoring in when u add the noodles.
Lastly art class being just a jolly time. It brought me many smiles and laughs.
My challenge to you is to leave a comment with three words describing your week.

A little update

I've given up on the weekly stuff and have decided to post whenever I get an idea. Thanks.