Monday, December 3, 2012


It's been a while since I've done one of these blog type things. I guess I should give you all a little update as to why.

First and foremost I procrastinate too much. Simple as that

Second off I don't always have a witty story to share and therefore lack a topic to blog.

Thirdly I have school which means like 9 hours of my day go to that. (As a matter of fact I wrote this during lunch at school). School is a lot of time so that's the main reason I don't blog as much.

If you guys are desiring to know about what I'm doing the most likely place you would see me would be playing video games. I have a ps3 and pc for gaming. If you all wish to play with me my psn is the_zomb3h and my steam is
Also my twitter is @sonofblogger_

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm just a bit bad with time

So it's been a while since I've last posted. I apologize for this because I've been occupied by school. But here I am now with a post.

So I am an iPhone 4S owner and with the iPhone 5 being released along with iOS 6. I figured I'll do a post involving all that good stuff.

First off, I am not a big fan of the new iPhone. Apple has single handedly created another way to make millions. The new charger alone is expected to earn a few million dollars also for all this fanboys and fangirls who rush out and buy this new contraption will earn them several million more dollars. Now I understand this phone does have some perks. The A6 processor chip and the camera upgrade will be great for all those hipsters who want to upload twenty HD pictures to instagram. Also with the new screen size watching movies will be better.

Now as iOS 6 will be coming out soon this means that all iPhones 3GS or later and all IPads will have Siri. Now with Siri coming out I know many of you will be excited to ask dumb questions. Fear not im way ahead of you and to end this post I'm going to leave you with some Siri questions. Thanks for reading and feel free too comment.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

You sir are a douchebag

I write this post as I sit at my local pool during adult swim. Roughly four minutes ago I was briskly walking along the side of the pool because my dad said he could swim across before I could walk across. I was 1/4 of the way there when a lifeguard stopped me to ask me why I was running. Now I had many things I wanted to say but I instead said sorry and walked over here to say the many other things I could have said.

First off I was not running. My knees never broke a 45 degree angle plus I always had one foot touching the ground. Now I know it's his job to make sure I'm safe but when I'm 2 feet away from the edge of the pool and not moving very fast at all it's just you being a bit of a douchebag. And if you happen to be reading this then I apologize for bumping into you with my arm but you need to chill out a bit.

This is indeed a true story. Please feel free to comment and share. Follow me on twitter @sonofablogger_ Thanks for reading!
Dude Write

Friday, July 27, 2012

Flash Fiction: #unZombieTales

So I'm doing another flash fiction contest and here is the link to that
I have 250 words starting now.

The hordes of undead began to swarm around us. I looked over at my partner and he was beginning to struggle. He looked back and shouted "This was not expected." We had gone out to look for supplies when we became overrun with the swarms of undead. "What were you expecting! This is no Sunday school picnic!"

I smashed another zombies head in as what appeared to be the large zombie overlord approached. He charged at us and as he drew near I slid underneath him and came up behind him. I swung my axe straight toward his head.

The axe make contact with a sickening clang. Wait zombies don't go clang when you hit them!??! I then noticed a small zipper on the back of the zombie. This wasn't a zombie at all. I pulled the zipper down to reveal a man. I yanked him out and all the zombies just froze where they were. I tied him up and he explained he was a scientist who created a robot army of zombies to try and take over the world. He looked at me and said "I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling zombie hunters!" The police arrived shortly later and took him off to jail. Me and my partner cleaned up all the robots and went back to our normal lives.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flash the Monkey King

If you'd told me two weeks ago that I would be a prince I probably wouldn't have believed you. Now this is the story sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the fresh prince of bel-air. Ok so actually I'm not the fresh prince of bel-air. I'm not really a prince at all by definition, it's more so the metaphorical type of prince sorta like prince charming.

So it was a regular Saturday like any other and I was walking down a dirt path in the forest near my house. I came upon a monkey sitting in the path. Now I became rather confused as to why a monkey was in this forest because monkeys aren't exactly native to this area. He opened his mouth and I was expecting for him to start howling but boy was I wrong. He decided to nearly give me a heart attack. In a rather deep voice almost like that of Morgan Freeman he spoke. He said "I seem to have fallen from a tree and hurt my leg. I hope you don't mind but I would like to ask for your assistance here."

So I pull my self together and ask this monkey how he could talk and how he got all the way out here. He looked at me and said "Well you see I was once a monkey used for genetic experimentation however the facility had a major accident and everything started to fail and they locked us creatures in the facility. However I escaped through a hole in the roof and came to look for a kind human to assist us." (

I thought it over and decided to help these animals so I grabbed some bandages and as I wrapped up the monkeys leg he explained how the animals chose him as their king. So I proceeded to spend the next week helping him heal in which we discovered his talking was not the only extraordinary ability. We also discovered he can run at incredible speeds and has above average strength and intelligence. (347)

So I decided to call my simian friend flash for his super speed and quick wits. He had finally returned to his normal state when we decided to go rescue his friends. I climbed on his back and we ran at over 300 miles per hour to the facility where he was held.

When we got there I discovered that the scientists had welded the doors shut. The welding job was terrible so I decided to try and break through the weld. I looked around until I found a large metal canister. I picked up the canister and bashed open the door.

The animals poured out of the building and my good friend flash the monkey king look and me and said " I declare you my prince. You are now the prince of the animals on this facility."

So that's the story of how I became a prince.

This story was written for the dude write flash fiction challenge and is almost exactly 500 words. Thanks for reading feel free to comment.
Dude Write

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Those random things you say.

The following is a compendium of random words and phrases that can be used in the place of an exclamation of shock or pain or excitement or just for fun. As we all know sometimes you are just so upset or in so much pain that you have to just yell and these can be used in place of any inappropriate phrases or words.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite.

~ What the Duck
~ Aww snap crackle pop
~ Dolphin Whale Tuna Carp Salmon Crab Herring etc...
~ What the Carp
~ Oh carp
~ Salamander Shoes
~ Snapple
~ Wiiiiii Oooooo
~ Wazzzzzzzzaaappppppp
~ awwww sheets
~ son of a blogger
~ should of had a v8
~ Muscle Cramp
~ 16 horses and a bucket
~ Schmitty Werben-jaegermanjensen
~ Horse Teeth
~ Kumquats

And let's not forget the ever so classic
~ OH MY @$&*#%*~%#*@&$@$*+*€%#>!?!*%

Dude WriteThanks for reading don't forget to comment with your favorite.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All About the Stats: A reflection

This is going to be my reflection on the second week and my first of the dude write weekly competition. As we enter week three I've realized something. For us guys everything is about statistics.

In sports it's all about how many points you earn and how many points you stop. In shooting video games it's all about how many kills and how many deaths you have.

In blogging it's all about how many page views you get and how many followers you have. The dude write competition has added a new element to the blogging world. It's added a bit of friendly competition. It's all about who's blog is the most enjoyable and the most relatable and the best written. It's given me a motivation to be a better blogger to blog more often and have a few blogs up my sleeve. It's added a new element of fun and just makes blogging that much more enjoyable. It's not about who's post is the manliest it's about who out of all of us guys and our caveman brains can sit down and write the most enjoyable post. So I just wanna thank my dad and his fellow editor YoungmanBrown for this new encouragement and joy in the blogging world. You both deserve Diamond Man cards just for the idea.

Thanks for reading feel free to comment.

Friday, June 22, 2012

WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?! Vol.1 Product Ideas

So this post is a collection of random ideas and such that weren't enough for their own posts so I have piled them all together into this one post to create: WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?! Volume 1 Product Ideas


So me and my dad were in the lobby of the doctors office at roughly ten o clock we were drinking Gatorade when my dad comes up with the idea for a Gatorade margarita. You see because Gatorade replenishes nutrients and rehydrates you it would negate the effects of the alcohol. Therefore a alcoholic drink that won't get you drunk and make you vomit.


So me and my mom were driving in the car when we reached a steep hill. I had a very full drink in the cup-holder next to me. I had to remove my drink from the cup holder to keep it from spilling. At that moment I decide that gyroscopic cup-holders would be a wise inventions that way when you drive uphill your drink doesn't tip back and spill. If this becomes a real thing then I expect 1000$ for the idea.


I love the taco bell doritos tacos and I think it is an amazing idea. Now I think they could get a really good increase in sales if they lined up the launch of a new doritos taco promotion with the release of a major video game. Make it so if some one buys twelve doritos tacos then they get a free large mountain dew. This would be perfect for gamers and would earn a fortune.


They should create clothes that have seams reinforced with duct-tape. That way if you get a rip in them the don't fall apart right away and they would last longer due to it.


A water bottle designed with a cheap yet advanced filter in the lid so it cleans and filters your water as you drink. Ideal for people who hike or camp or for people in an underdeveloped country.


Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The gamers workout plan

Now we all have a picture of what the stereo typical gamer is, chubby sweaty and grubby. Most gamers spend all their free time on games and never on personal health and fitness. I have created the ideal workout plan for a gamer.
Most video games have loading screens or cutscenes and those can take from 10 seconds to a minute and a half. You can take advantage of these periods of time to do roughly five to ten sit-ups squats pushups or you could hold a wall squat the entire time.
Over the next week as I play skyrim or during the multiplayer lobbies in modern warfare 3 or Batman: Arkham City I plan to try this and see how well it works.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gator Aid: Free Alligator Healthcare

Gators are a interesting bunch. They live in a hot humid place and are difficult to find outside of Florida. I mean the most famous gator is obviously Tim Tebow.
So a lot of people drink Gatorade. But half of them probably don't know much about it.
Gatorade was originally invented for the Florida Gators. They need a sports drink that could rehydrate and replenish lost electrolytes. So a company decided to create a sports drink for them. Eventually as the drink gained popularity the demand for it increased and it began to branch out. Gatorade became a very successful sports drink and now is probably the most recognized sport drink in America.
So there you have it a very short and simplified history of Gatorade.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The King's Speech

Ok so I lied I'm not a king and this isn't really a big speech. This is me accepting an award. I was given the Kreative Blogger award from Lainey at Lainey's Life Lessons.

Now, here are the award rules.
I must answer 7 questions, give 7 fun facts about myself, and give this award to 7 bloggers.

The Questions:

1. What is your favorite song?

Well currently I'm probably going to go with "Leave out all the rest" by Linkin Park

2. What is your favourite dessert?

Fresh baked cookies because cookies are best served warm with a glass of leché or milk for those of you who don't speak spanish.

3. What do you do when you're upset?

I just throw things and yell and just basically have a tantrum. That or I box up all my anger and plot my revenge.

4. Which is your favorite pet?

My Boston terrier named Monster aka Mo-Mo because he's chill sometimes and hyper the next just like me.

5. White bread or whole meal?

Does the bread come with cold-cuts so I can make a sandwich?

6. What's your biggest fear?

Being alone by myself for extended periods of time because if I'm alone at night by myself for more than like six hours I will begin to become paranoid and freak out over the littlest noises.

7. What's your attitude most of the time?

Either really laid-back or hyper due to my ADHD.

Morgan's Fun Facts

1. I have had nine broken bones but those are stories for other days.

2. Justice is my middle name, actually it's Justus but it's pronounced the same so it's close enough

3. I love music and I get grouchy if I go a week without my music.

4. I waste my time on stupid things like YouTube or Facebook doing dumb things.

6. I skipped five because I'm lazy and running out of ideas so I'm hoping you aren't paying attention

7. I lied about skipping five it's just invisible and you can't see it so thats your loss because it was really good and I'm terrible at making lists.


1. My dad over at it's Mynd because I just want him to win this award three times plus I'm biased

2. My brother from half-vast ideas mainly because he never writes a blog because he complains about not having ideas and this is pretty straight-forward.

3. Jay from the Ramblings of jay. Because he was the second person who read my blog and I know that his favorite animal is a penguin. Though he hates penguins and he will probably kill me now.

4. Lainey from Lainey's life lessons. Because i had her as a social studies teacher in fifth grade.

I only read four blogs so I can't really pass on this award to anyone else so I'm sorry for failing at my job but I'm a lazy American teenager. I will try and blog more now that it is summer and I don't have school or homework that will prevent me from blogging as much

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The stay at home fan

So today my dad is going to meet the Blogess and well I wish I could be there but I can't so I'm sending him with a letter saying how I'm a big fan and everything.
So the above situation is a perfect example of the stay at home fan. The stay at home fan is a person who wants to be someplace cheering for something but can't so you cheer from at home.
Most sports fans are stay at home fans. When you can't go to the game you stay at home and watch it from the comfort of your couch. So my question for you today is: What is your most memorable stay at home fan experience. Leave a comment with your answer and as always thanks for reading.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello Audience

This is just a one paragraph post to say hello to all my readers weather you're from the USA or Russia or Germany or Liberia or Australia or any other place. I am always excited when some one from another country reads my blog. So if you are an international reader please leave a comment with your country, language and something that interests you and I will use google translate to write a post in your language. As always thanks for reading, sharing, following, and being awesome.

Lists. A whole bunch of lists

Here is a series of lists of varying topics. Feel free to drop a comment if you had another choice for any number one slot. Please share it to your friends if you like it. I will explain each number one choice and possibly some others.

1. Pokémon Silver
I'm almost certain I learned to read playing this game. I loved this game despite I played by mashing buttons and hoping it would work

2. Crash Team Racing
3. FIFA 02
4. Portal
5. Pokémon Blue

1. Minecraft (PC, Xbox 360, Mobile Devices)
It is an endlessly creative and ever expanding game. It combines a retro look with a very RPG based gameplay. But it also incorporates first person fighting and lots of building. It allows a never ending and always amusing gameplay.

2. Skyrim
3. Portal 2
4. Call of Duty: Black Ops
5. Wii sports

1. Tobuscus/Tobygames
Both run by Toby Turner. He keeps the language clean and he plays many video games along with making an occasional song and a weekly series called Cute, Win, Fail. His videos never cease to amuse and entertain me.

2. Nigahiga
3. CaptainSparklez
4. SourceFed
5. NicePeter

1. TobyTurner
Another number one slot for Toby Turner. His vlog is always funny and informative. It's all over the place and is great if you have ADD or ADHD.

2. Shaytards
3. JennaMarbles

1. It's My Mynd
He's my dad and I'm biased.

2. The Blogess
3. The Ramblings of Jay
4. Lainey's Life Lessons
5. Half-vast ideas

1. Harry Potter Series
It has a lot of movies, came from books and really was just captivating.

2. Starwars
3. Lord of The Rings
4. The Lorax
5. Speed

1. Nintendo
They made Pokémon and Mario

2. Mojang
3. Bethesda
4. Sega
5. Treyarch

As always thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, following, and just being awesome!

Monday, March 26, 2012

iPhone Prank

A quick little prank for any one who knows a friends iPhone or iPod touch passcode.
So go to settings click general then restrictions. Then set a passcode and enable restrictions and turn them all off. Pictures below are an example on my phone.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey hey hey you. No you. You! Yes you the one who has a face. Yes yes the one reading this blog post. Let me just say thank you.
So my most recent post "Kitty Drugs" has gotten a whopping 8 pageviews up to the moment and I would just like to say this is an all time high. Now don't get me wrong I would like more but this is good.
So I was checking my statistics on this fine day at five o clock and I see interesting things such as I have one person from Germany who has looked at my blog. Good job German dude reading this!
Now I'd like to say that I would like to do some guest posting in an attempt to increase blog readership so if you are interested in me doing a guest post drop a comment. Thanks :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitty Drugs

So today we bought a little cardboard thing for our three cats. It was called a Super Scratcher and well it was "laced" with catnip. As you may already have guessed the cats were swarming all over it.
Catnip or Nepeta Cataria is a plant found in Europe and North America. When a cat consumes it the effects include anxiety purring drooling and sleepiness. Not all cats are affected by this kitty drug on 1/2 to 2/3 of cats are affected.
Cats are not the only critters that can benefit from catnip. Humans originally used it in tea or juice. It was uses to treat nervous headaches, hysteria, and insanity. The oils that can be isolated from catnip effectively repels bugs.
So educate your cat and keep it drug free. Cure your insanity and get rid of bugs all thanks to catnip.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I wanna be like Hiroyuki Suzuki

Ok so for those of you who don't know Hiroyuki Suzuki is amazing. He is a professional yoyo-er. He is japans national champion and three (thats right three) time world champion.
For those of you who don't know I am a yoyo-er and I can do more tricks than the average joe. My repertoire of tricks includes: walk the dog, around the world, rock the baby, brain bender, and the gyroscopic flop. This is nowhere near Hiroyuki's ability or even enough to compete. A good friend of mine is teaching me new tricks and he could compete but not the greatest but maybe top ten. I am in the process of hopefully getting a phenomizm yoyo which is a high quality competition level yoyo (and Hiroyuki's signature yoyo). It is on the number one spot for a birthday gift so hopefully. But I aspire to become great much like him and Markus Koh.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Movie of my life

So my dad over at did a post like this and well mine has new actors but I'll use the same nicknames
First of is me aka Morgan aka shaggy. So I think I would be played by Skander Keynes. He is the guy who plays Edmund in the chronicles of narnia.
Next up is my dad aka Mr.Mynd ( he will be played by Kurtwood Smith. Due to the fact of he is the one who doesn't care what u think and will have u do what he wants any way.
Next is my mom aka Mrs.Mynd. She will be played by Challen Cates who plays the mom on big time rush. Mainly due to her being everywhere at once being able to help u through anything.
After that comes my older brother aka teen wolf. He will be played by Topher Grace who plays Eric Foreman in that seventies show. Due to him being a dorky guy who works with his dad and has the occasional witty remark.
And lastly is my little sister aka princess sassy pants. She will be portrayed by Ciara Bravo because she's that silly little girl that you see everywhere.
So that's the movie of my life and here are pictures of all the actors:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clay noodles and feathers

Sounds like some nasty soup correct? Well it's actually a summary of my week. Clay due to art class, noodles because I ate tons of ramen, and feathers because the new twilight movie (don't judge).
So without spoiling anything all I can say about the new movie is feathers.
Ramen noodles is the staple of life for about everyone age 12 to 25. It's delicious so it's all good. And a tip is cook it an extra minute and pour the flavoring in when u add the noodles.
Lastly art class being just a jolly time. It brought me many smiles and laughs.
My challenge to you is to leave a comment with three words describing your week.