Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All About the Stats: A reflection

This is going to be my reflection on the second week and my first of the dude write weekly competition. As we enter week three I've realized something. For us guys everything is about statistics.

In sports it's all about how many points you earn and how many points you stop. In shooting video games it's all about how many kills and how many deaths you have.

In blogging it's all about how many page views you get and how many followers you have. The dude write competition has added a new element to the blogging world. It's added a bit of friendly competition. It's all about who's blog is the most enjoyable and the most relatable and the best written. It's given me a motivation to be a better blogger to blog more often and have a few blogs up my sleeve. It's added a new element of fun and just makes blogging that much more enjoyable. It's not about who's post is the manliest it's about who out of all of us guys and our caveman brains can sit down and write the most enjoyable post. So I just wanna thank my dad and his fellow editor YoungmanBrown for this new encouragement and joy in the blogging world. You both deserve Diamond Man cards just for the idea.

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