Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flash the Monkey King

If you'd told me two weeks ago that I would be a prince I probably wouldn't have believed you. Now this is the story sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the fresh prince of bel-air. Ok so actually I'm not the fresh prince of bel-air. I'm not really a prince at all by definition, it's more so the metaphorical type of prince sorta like prince charming.

So it was a regular Saturday like any other and I was walking down a dirt path in the forest near my house. I came upon a monkey sitting in the path. Now I became rather confused as to why a monkey was in this forest because monkeys aren't exactly native to this area. He opened his mouth and I was expecting for him to start howling but boy was I wrong. He decided to nearly give me a heart attack. In a rather deep voice almost like that of Morgan Freeman he spoke. He said "I seem to have fallen from a tree and hurt my leg. I hope you don't mind but I would like to ask for your assistance here."

So I pull my self together and ask this monkey how he could talk and how he got all the way out here. He looked at me and said "Well you see I was once a monkey used for genetic experimentation however the facility had a major accident and everything started to fail and they locked us creatures in the facility. However I escaped through a hole in the roof and came to look for a kind human to assist us." (

I thought it over and decided to help these animals so I grabbed some bandages and as I wrapped up the monkeys leg he explained how the animals chose him as their king. So I proceeded to spend the next week helping him heal in which we discovered his talking was not the only extraordinary ability. We also discovered he can run at incredible speeds and has above average strength and intelligence. (347)

So I decided to call my simian friend flash for his super speed and quick wits. He had finally returned to his normal state when we decided to go rescue his friends. I climbed on his back and we ran at over 300 miles per hour to the facility where he was held.

When we got there I discovered that the scientists had welded the doors shut. The welding job was terrible so I decided to try and break through the weld. I looked around until I found a large metal canister. I picked up the canister and bashed open the door.

The animals poured out of the building and my good friend flash the monkey king look and me and said " I declare you my prince. You are now the prince of the animals on this facility."

So that's the story of how I became a prince.

This story was written for the dude write flash fiction challenge and is almost exactly 500 words. Thanks for reading feel free to comment.
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